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Search Marketing Code of Ethics on the way...

Katherine Anderson - Wednesday, October 08, 2014 | Comments (0)

SEMPO, the industry not-for-profit group servicing Search and Digital Marketing has confirmed that it is now looking to create a Search Engine Marketing Code of Ethics in North America through the new 'Search Congress' that will take place in 2015.

This is exciting news for our industry as there is no current standard or legislation surrounding Search Engine Marketing.

"A search engine marketing code of ethics won’t work unless it has broad adoption from a variety of groups in the industry,” said Tony Wright, VP of Communications for SEMPO. 

"Everyone has different opinions about what a search engine marketing code of ethics should contain. The only way to create a code of ethics that will work is to ensure those people who are interested have buy-in and there is a fair way to enforce the code of ethics once it is ratified. SEMPO can’t do that alone. It’s going to take the effort of many different people of diverse opinions and backgrounds to make this work.” Read more

More information about the inaugural Search Congress will soon be available at