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Michael Anderson - Thursday, February 18, 2016 | Comments (0)

On page SEO is the backbone of any successful website so choosing the right Keywords and Phrases to build your pages around is the first and most important step in the process.

Keyword Research not only helps you make choices on Keywords by comparing Search Volume and Keyword Competition but it will give you a Keyword Strategy so you can make choices about the phrases you actually want to rank for and build page content around.

Being able to choose between high and low competition Keywords can give you instant results for example choosing a low competition Keyword that has a search volume of 1000 a month will make it easier to get page 1 rankings compared to a high competition Keyword with a search volume of 25,000 a month where you may be on page 10 in the rankings.

Keyword Research is also crucial when running Google Adwords Campaigns, being able to choose low competition Keywords that have a low CPC (cost per click) means you can get more customers to your website without blowing the budget on click payments.

If you are thinking about updating your On Page SEO, running a Google Adwords Campaign or even trying to come up with ideas for a domain name or business name, you can find out how popular and how many people are searching for your related keywords or phrases with our Keyword Research Service.

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