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How to get better rankings in Google

Michael Anderson - Monday, May 12, 2014 | Comments (0)

We are constantly asked how to get better rankings in Google. If your site is not optimised correctly, the only way is Google Adwords and if setup correctly, can work well and give you the instant traffic and exposure you need. The problem is that if it is not setup correctly you could be throwing your money away.

Adwords works particularly well for new sites due to the fact that they have not been online long enough to gain good organic rankings. It also works well for sites in really competitive industries. The best thing about Adwords is that it’s success can be measured against the ROI and be turned on and off as you like, something that is extremely hard to do using other forms of advertising.

Without Adwords, the only way to get better rankings in Google organically is to have your site optimised to comply with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This entails a ‘strong website foundation’ approach and can use a host of different methods depending on wether you have a brand new website or one that’s been around for a while.

All SEO practitioners have their techniques but the results come down to experience and a thorough understanding of website structures and keyword targeting to ensure you are achieving your traffic goals.

Some of the most common questions when optimising a site for organic rankings include:

  • Has a full website analysis been completed? 
  • Is there a current set of website rankings
  • Are there any duplicate content issues? 
  • Has keyword research been completed? 
  • Is the ‘copy’ unique and are the site pages keyword rich? 
  • How many domain names are pointing to the site? 
  • What link building has been done? 
  • Is there any partial or sitewide penalties enforced by Google? 
  • How many backlinks does the site have and are they relevant? 
  • What on-page SEO has been done previously? 
  • Are there unique page titles, meta keywords & meta descriptions? 
  • Is the page copy optimised with headings? 
  • How old is the domain name and what pagerank and site authority is associated with the domain?
  • How is the file structure set up? 
  • Has site speed been optimised? 
  • Are there Social Media links to Facebook, Google Plus, Google Maps, local directory listings? 
  • Has Schema been set up for products, events or contact details etc? 
  • Are there any 404 errors? Have 301 Redirects been put in place for old site pages? 
  • How is the site’s user experience and is site navigation easy and intuitive? 

If done properly SEO can have a huge impact on your organic rankings which means more traffic to your site, and can also save you up to 30% off your cost per click (cpc) when running an Adwords campaign, so it’s worth doing right the first time.

So talk to us about your website for the best options to gain exposure and get better Google rankings.