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How to Bid on Adwords with Enhanced Campaigns

Katherine Anderson - Tuesday, July 23, 2013 | Comments (0)

Enhanced Campaigns in Adwords now allow us target search behaviour on a more granular level. In fact, we can now separate the bids for both mobile and desktop/tablet devices, time and search location in our campaigns so that we can further meet our Business Goals.

As more than 38% of our daily media interactions are on a mobile device, Enhanced Campaigns are now allowing us to review our device performance and either bid more or less for certain types of devices.

Say you operate a Pizza Shop in Bondi, Sydney and you know your campaign performs well on mobile devices every day from 5pm - 8pm from Monday to Saturday. We can set the bid adjustments like this:

Location bid adjustment for Bondi to +20%
Time bid adjustment for Sunday to -50%
Mobile bid adjustment to +10%

If the initial bid was $1, the new adjustment would be -34% which is equivalent to $0.66.

Initial bid $1.00 x (Bondi 1.2) x (Sunday 0.5) x (Mobile 1.1) = $0.66

It is important to only set bid adjustments from statistically significant data and as a general rule, only adjust bids for dimensions that have more the 1,000 clicks and 30 conversions (say from the last 90 days). You should regularly revisit your adjustments to ensure your taking into account seasonal changes and fluctuations and not missing opportunities in the marketplace.

This is a fantastic new tool that gives us more control than ever of our Adwords Advertising and promotes the use of your Google Analytics as a way of identifying opportunities in locations, devices and daily impression share. Used wisely it can help your business stand out from the crowd when the right customers are looking for you.

Ask us about adding Bid Adjustments to your Adwords Campaigns today.