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Determining the value of Keywords?

Katherine Anderson - Friday, April 26, 2013 | Comments (0)

The Hidden Value of Long Tail SEO

Keyword Research determines a list of the best phrases and search terms for an online business based on local monthly search results and trends. These Keyword search numbers give valuable information about the amount of searches that are made for that phrase, but how relevant, targeted and appropriate are these phrases to your target market and how do you evaluate keyword effectiveness?

For each proposed search phrase you need to consider if the search query is a direct match to your product/service and if it will likely result in a conversion (sale) or online business goal (subscription, enquiry). If a customer types in 'cheap' as one of the words in their search phrase and your products are more prestigious or enterprise, then this is not a good phrase to target.

Also consider what other companies are ranking for a chosen phrase and what products/services they are selling. If your online business is closely related then this helps with your direct match requirements.

Broad phrases (30% of all searches) are generally hard to rank for and too open to know exactly what a customer is looking for. 'Womans Skirts' is a completely different search to 'Womans plus size short brown skirt'. Having customers come to your site and then bounce away due to their broad query not being a direct match to your products, is loosing valuable traffic, that if targeted, could produce high converting results. 

Instead, look for longer-tail phrases (70% of all searches) that are more unique, targeted and a direct match for the products you are offering. These are likely to be searched for less frequently, but have high conversion rates and are the majority of all demand for searches.

When making decisions about keyword implementation, don't let the search numbers dictate your online marketing efforts. Make sure instead that you carefully consider your keyword options and the relevancy of each page of your site to a specific phrase or keyword. This gives you a higher chance of success and more opportunity to build a strong brand with highly targeted keyword traffic.

If you require assistance with Keyword implementation or choosing the best targeted Keywords for your site, book in a personalised online or phone consulting service.