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Business Catalyst SEO is designed for Webmasters, Web Professionals and Agencies that want more control over their SEO efforts with a trusted BC Partner. We are not limited to just SEO though, we also provide consulting on online marketing strategies and look at how to measure your offline marketing with Web Analytics solutions.

Refer your Customer

The Client Referral System pays 10% to any Agency that refers their clients to us. We then work and invoice their clients directly to achieve their marketing goals and cc you into all completed jobs. Once we receive payment from your client, we deposit your commission straight into your Paypal Account so you can just sit back and earn from your clients Online Marketing strategies.

Refer your Customer

Become an SEO Reseller

SEO Resellers receive a white label solution invoicing them 20% off the advertised Retail price of our Business Catalyst SEO Packages. We work under your brand and you can mark-up and resell our services however you choose and on your terms. Your Agency will have a dedicated Account Manager and will be provided with unbranded reports in Word document or Excel formats to re-brand with your company details.

You will also be setup with a Reseller Account, where all your reports are kept on a per-client basis so they are available for you to download and supply to your clients wherever you are and at your convenience. You will also have access to a full Reseller price list, your Account History and previous orders.

Become a Reseller

Referrals 10% Fee

Deal directly with your client and take care of their Online Marketing Requirements.

SEO Reseller 20% Discount

Work behind-the-scenes with your Agency and do not have contact with the client.

Communicate with client directly communicate with client directly  
Invoice client directly invoice client directly  
Supply reports directly to client supply reports directly to client  
Pay you 10% referral fee pay you 10% referral fee  
Be kept up-to-date with the latest SEO, SEM and SMO industry changes with monthly email be kept up to date with the latest seo sem and smo industry changes be kept up to date with the latest seo sem and smo industry changes
Dedicated Account Manager   dedicated account manager
Communication with Agency only   communication with agency only
Bill you 20% off the Retail cost   bill you 20% off retail cost
Supply reports in Reseller Account   supply reports directly to agency
Unbranded reports supplied in Word or Excel format for re-branding   unbranded reports supplied in word or excel
Reseller Account Login for copies of orders and list of retail and reseller pricing   reseller account login for copies of orders and list of retail and reseller pricing
  Refer your Customer Become a Reseller


*Our website features our most popular online marketing packages but we can also customise solutions for your clients.

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