About Us

Business Catalyst SEO - Online Business Design, Marketing and Consulting

"We work on providing return-on-investment statistics for marketing spend and use conversion tracking to measure and report on the success of online and offline campaigns".
Katherine Anderson, Director

Sirocco Web Design has been operating since 1997 and grown from a Video Production Agency to a full-service Graphic Design Studio, to now specialising in Online Business Design, Marketing and Consulting.

Having been in the industry for over 15 years we have experienced all aspects of offline Marketing and are now focusing online, with conversion optimising, digital advertising strategies and evaluating ROI for our clients.

Sirocco Web Design have been Business Catalyst Partners for 3 years and now offer a Business Catalyst SEO, a new SEO, SEM and SMO White Label solution to help other Business Catalyst Partners achieve Online Marketing goals for their clients.

Meet our Directors

Katherine Anderson

Marketing Director

Business Catalyst SEO Account Manager

Katherine is the SEO Account Manager, is an avid Google Engager and devoted BC Partner.

She has a vast range of experience in Pre-Press, Print, Website Design and Video Production and has created innovative campaigns for a vast range of industries incorporating Corporate Logos, Websites, Annual Reports and TV Commercials. 

Her passion is in Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation and the continual challenge of working with new Businesses.

Michael Anderson

Creative Director

Business Catalyst SEO Creative Director

Michael is our Creative Director, an enthusiastic Google Engager and proud BC Partner.

He has been prominent in the Advertising industry for over 15 years and has experience in Photography, Website Design and Graphics. He specialises in creative design and producing marketing solutions for Businesses and is instrumental in the success of all Projects.

His passion is in implementing new Online Businesses and creative web solutions for online and offline Marketing goals.