Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising reaches over a billion users worldwide with the ability to target audiences based on targeting profile information and content that viewers have liked and shared in the past. Ads and sponsored stories allow Businesses to connect with their target audience and then monitor, analyse and optimise ads to improve your marketing goals and focus on return on investment.

With Facebook Advertising, you can market your Facebook page, Facebook App, Facebook Event or your own Website. You can also choose your target audience Location, Age, Gender, Precise Interests, Audience Connections and Broad Categories like Family Status, Activities they enjoy, Education, Workplaces, Music etc.

We can choose cost-per-click for conversion driven campaigns or cost-per-impression for branding campaigns with budgets starting from $1/day.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising-

  • Connect with people most likely to be interested in your business or brand
  • Choose to show your ads to people based on their interests
  • Target precise interests that people have shared in their Facebook profiles
  • Target topics or categories to find people which shared characteristics

We have the experience, qualifications and expertise to setup and maintain your Facebook Account. Our dedicated Facebook Managers are available to discuss strategies and opportunities to help future-proof your business and keep you up-to-date with the latest advancements in Facebook Advertising technology.

Facebook Campaign Setup

We provide a Facebook Campaign setup for your online business and a monitoring service to get your campaign into full swing.

There are two different ways to advertise with Facebook and we provide Campaign setup options for both -

  • Advertise your Website - Increase traffic to your site.
  • Advertise a Facebook Page - Get more page likes and promote page posts.
  • Advertise an Event - Increase invites.
  • Advertise an App - Get new users and increase App engagement.

You receive all the usernames and passwords to the Facebook account for proof of ownership and future updating purposes.

For Resellers, the Facebook account access information will be available within your Resellers Account and you will also receive a Word Document version for re-branding.

Start Facebook Advertising

  Facebook Setup $495
Create Facebook Advertising account create adwords account
Initiate Facebook payments to be charged directly to client credit card monthly in arrears initiate google payments to be charged directly to client credit card monthly in arrears
Grant us administration access to your account (can be removed by you anytime) grant us administration access to your account
Select audience interests to target from precise, topic and category options supplied. identify website goals to track as conversions and measure goal value
Identify website goals to track as conversions and measure goal value (like signups, purchases, orders, form submissions, sales funnel success) identify website goals to track as conversions and measure goal value
Create up to 5 custom Ad groups within campaign create up to 5 custom search ad groups within campaign

Write targeted ads that are relevant and engaging

write targeted ads that are relevant and engaging

Submit ads to client for approval

submit ads to client for approval
Enable ads and review ad approvals enable ads and review ad approvals
  Start Facebook Advertising

*Invoiced upfront. Google Analytics can also be installed on your site, giving you full access to all your website conversion reports and goal setting analytics for only AUD$110.

Facebook FAQs

Facebook Analysis & Reporting

Our Facebook Analysis and Reporting provides a weekly report to show you how your Facebook campaign is performing, evaluate your ROI (return on investment) of Ad costs compared to goal conversions and list of any updates that have been made to the account. We also provide Ad Group click-through rates, impressions, average cost per click, goal conversions made through your website and identify the best performing ads.

Importantly, we track how effective keywords and Ad Groups are, and work to improve click-through rates and Ad position to make every click and view count and convert. Pay-per-click and pay-per-impression is an ongoing optimisation process to continually reduce costs, increase your ROI and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Having the best landing pages and sales funnels within your website is also an important aspect of Ad success and Conversions that requires analysis, testing and improving and we can provide additional consulting and implementation on this for you (additional service at hourly rate).

NOTE: Ad Spend is an additional cost to reporting. It can be updated at any time and is worked out on a daily basis. Advertising rates start from as little as $1/day and can be experimented with and adjusted on-the-fly. We will help you work out an initial budget to get you started and identify options for improving ad position and conversions as we go.

You will be supplied with a PDF Report to view your weekly Facebook Campaign information.

For Resellers, these reports are all available within your Resellers Account and you will also receive an Excel version for re-branding.

Start Reporting

  Search Reports $55/week
Weekly report on Facebook performance weekly report on facebook performance
Report on Advertising Performance facebook advertising performance
Report Ad group impressions and social impressions ad group impressions social impressions
Report Average cost-per-click for ads average cost per click for ads
Report Action conversions action conversions
Report Page Likes page likes
Report Total campaign spend best performing ad
Review best performing ads total campaign spend
  Start Reporting

*Invoiced monthly in advance. Prices indicated are a guide and may change depending on the website size, industry competitiveness and preferred time-frame for Facebook campaigns to be implemented.

What will my Facebook Report look like?

Sample Weekly Report

Below is an example Facebook Weekly Report which shows the Ad group click-through rates, impressions, average cost-per-click, action conversions and page likes.

Facebook Weekly Download PDF

Do you need Professional Advice?

Call us to schedule a personalised Facebook consulting session with our professional SEO Practitioners now or book in a training session.

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