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What is your Snippet CTR?

Katherine Anderson - Monday, April 08, 2013 | Comments (0)
snippet click thru rate 

Do you know what your click-thru rates (CTR) are for searches that bring up your website result? 

Are your website CTR's low compared to the average? 

What if you have a great rank but don't get many clicks? 

Often the reason that your position is great but there is a lack of clicks, lies in a Snippet that doesn't match the search query and is not enticing customers to click. 

If a customer searched for 'Budget Hotel Newcastle' (see SERP above) and your Snippet makes no mention of your product being inexpensive or cheap? Is the customer likely to click on your result or move to the next result that's titled 'Newcastle Accommodation - Save up to 70% at'.

Locating under-performing keyword searches and giving the appropriate page Snippets an overhaul, is one of the fastest ways to optimise the Search Rankings you already have. Look carefully at each phrase your site Ranks for, then review the Title and Meta Description paying close attention to strong 'calls to action' based closely around what the Search Phrase was asking. Keep your relevancy high, use words like 'free', 'cheap', 'compare', 'review', 'online', 'what is', add locations and prices and stand out to entice clicks.

Most businesses want to increase their Page Rank, but consider what a 5% or 10% increase in CTR would equate to for searches of 1,000 or 10,000 visitors per month on rankings your already have, by just tweaking your Snippet. Even more important is the difference it could make to your current site revenue and the associated lift in brand awareness. 

So how can you better target your audience and obtain a larger CTR on the Search Ranks you already have? Start by having your website monitored weekly so that we can identify better Snippets for your Online Business rankings.