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How to use Rich Snippets

Katherine Anderson - Wednesday, June 26, 2013 | Comments (0)

How can you make better use of your organic snippets? Calls-to-action and smart, catchy text are a must but how can they be extended to include reviews, lists, addresses or events? Absolutely!

There are provisions in Rich Snippets to add microdata labels, mircoformats or RDFa formatting to your webpages to highlight reviews, people, products, businesses, recipes, events, music or video. This helps to highlight information that would be helpful to a potential customer like reviews for restaurants, photos and preparation times for recipes or upcoming events for community sites.

rich snippet event markup provides a comprehensive list of item types can be used to markup pages and this is a vocabulary that Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! all read. But Rich Snippets are not suitable for all pages or sites and consideration should be made for the usefullness of the additional information to your customer.

Talk to us about identifying areas within your site to highlight on Google and take advantage of powerful snippets that can not only increase your click-through rate but also get information to your customers before they even get to your site.