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Top Queries & Top Pages in Webmaster Tools

Katherine Anderson - Monday, January 06, 2014 | Comments (0)

webmaster tools top queries top pages

With all the discussions about 'not provided' in 2013, on NYE Google gave back some of what they had taken away. In Webmaster Tools we now see 'Top queries' and 'Top pages' tabs that give us more insights into Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg. Position. 

To View Search Queries: 

1. Go to the the Webmaster Tools home page and click the site you want. 
2. Click 'Search Traffic' from the Menu Bar and then click 'Search Queries'.

Here you can see up to 90 days of historical data and 'change data' for time periods of 30 days or less so you can see how recent updates to your site have impacted your Online Marketing and SEO efforts.

You can also Filter Queries containing (or excluding) a certain word or phrase, queries you have starred, queries for specific media, from specific devices, by location or that generate more than 10 impressions or clicks which helps you drill down into the information more closely.

Not only do we now have more accurate data but can download the table content or chart by either basic information or with Change Data for Top Queries or Top Pages.

This starts to give us the information we have been looking for so make sure you download this new content regularly so you have a datum to work from into the future.