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Search Engine Ranking Factors 2013

Katherine Anderson - Friday, September 13, 2013 | Comments (0)

Moz has released it's survey results for 2013 and lists overall algorithm, domain level brand metrics, keyword agnostic and keyword usage factors that go into the ranking of your site with Google.

Keyword usage on the page is still fundamental, and—other than links—is thought to be the most important type of factor.

These Domain Level Keyword-Agnostic Features relate to the entire root domain, but don't directly describe link or keyword-based elements. Instead, they relate to things like the length of the domain name in characters.

These Domain Level Keyword Usage features cover how keywords are used in the root or subdomain name, and how much impact this might have on search engine rankings.

These Page Level Keyword-Agnostic Features describe non-keyword-usage, non-link-metrics features of individual pages (such as length of the page, load speed, etc.).

These features describe use of the keyword term/phrase in particular parts of the HTML code on the page (title element, H1s, alt attributes, etc.).

These finding confirm the need for a strong Keyword Strategy for your site, that is implemented down to the page level.

View the full survey and correlation data for all the details.