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Reach Smart Phones with Mobile Specific Campaigns

Katherine Anderson - Friday, November 30, 2012 | Comments (0)

It is important that you use a separate Campaign for ads that are to target Mobile Phones with full internet browsers. 

Not only should mobile ads target smaller keyphrases (as typing is harder on mobile phones) but also more broad search terms. 

With a separate budget you can also make sure that the right Ads target the right device and you can use more mobile specific terminology in your ad text like 'call us for a quote' or 'request a quote from your phone'. 

We can also switch on click-to-call and tighter location targeting options due to mobile phone geo-targeting features.

To work out how much budget to assign to your new mobile Campaign, we can simply review your recent Google Analytics, estimate the amount of mobile viewers you attract to your site dedicate that percentage of your Adwords budget to mobile searches.

So let's get started and target mobile searches to your mobile Website.