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Product Listing Ads Rollout

Katherine Anderson - Saturday, January 26, 2013 | Comments (0)

Google Shopping is transforming from a free listing service into a paid Product Listing (PLA) option.

It is due for rollout to Australia in February but has already been live in the US since October.

Looking at the recent Xmas season, Kenshoo has provided a comprehensive Global Online Retail Shopping Season Report that shows that the new Product Listing Ads are producing around 1.5 times the CTR of regular text Search Ads and are converting 23% better with a 31% higher return on Ad Spend due to lower costs-per-click.

These are impressive results and it is becoming clear that this style of ad format with an embedded image and product-rich information is set to provide some fantastic results for Australian Businesses.

Talk to us today about implementing these new Product Listing Ads as the PLA rollout hits our shores and be the first to take advantage of this unique Ad offering.