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Google Plus Custom Business URL

Katherine Anderson - Wednesday, October 30, 2013 | Comments (0)

Google is now offering Custom URLs for your Google + Page so instead of having a link like it can be

This is a great way to improve the Branding for your Google+ page and have a more professional profile. All URLs are pre-assigned to your Google+ profile page so you only have the ability to change the capitalisation of the page name.

There are eligibility requirements for a Custom URL which include - 

  • 10 or more followers
  • An account 30 days older or more
  • A profile photo (2120 pixels x 1192 pixels)
  • For Local Google+ pages the Business must be verified
  • For Non-Local Google+ pages, the profile must be linked to a website.

This will also make navigating any Google+ page easy using keywords added to the end of the new custom url -

How to Setup your Custom Page URL

You can claim your URL in the About tab on your Google + page or you may see a message at the top of your Google+ Home page. Some Google+ pages are only given one option for their URL or you may be given choices ie. asked to add some numbers to your URL. Once you agree to the Terms of Service click Change URL.

Verification by mobile phone may also be required for some accounts and once verified will then be live.

Once approved, your URL will then be automatically linked to your Google+ page and you can start to advertise your new address. If you want to change the capitalisation of the link, simply visit the 'About' tab where you can edit this URL ie +SiroccowebdesignAu to +.SiroccoWebDesignAu

Contact us for further information on setting up a Custom URL for your Google+ Page.