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Experiment with your Site Design

Katherine Anderson - Thursday, August 15, 2013 | Comments (0)

The problem with optimising websites, testing and waiting for results is that it is very time consuming. It is a painstaking job that will bring you results but quite simply takes time. 

Now, using Google Analytics we are able to speed up the process and run different versions of your site pages at the same time to split test your traffic and report on the results. Not only is this method fast with the normal testing period taking from 2-4 weeks (depending on the amount of traffic to your site), but it is also extremely accurate with upwards of 95% statistically significant data to guarantee results. We also have the benefit of testing one version of a page against up to five variations of that same page seamlessly.

With website experiments we can compare how different versions of a page perform using a random sample of visitors, choose what percentage of visitors are part of the experiment, choose what objective you would like to test (like bounce rate, goals etc) and get updates by email about how your experiment is progressing. These experiments are also smart, leaving a cookie on a visitors browser so that if they visit your site again during the testing period they are shown the same version of the page they saw the first time, to avoid any confusion.

This means that you can now trial different versions of any of your site pages inc. button colours, images, call to action messaging, layout and formatting, link names, logo positioning, form placement and font styles to find the best graphical and text combinations to improve your page conversions and site goals, bounce rates, visitor duration and ultimately revenue.

As a Google Certified Partner we are able to provide advanced support for website content experiments and can make recommendations about testing combinations and scenarios. Contact us to start your site testing now.