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Adwords Update to Terms and Conditions

Katherine Anderson - Saturday, May 11, 2013 | Comments (0)

Adwords has recently made changes to the Terms and Conditions of service which all accounts must now accept to continue using the service. Any accounts that have not manually agreed to the terms after 45 days we be deemed to have accepted these new terms.

The new terms and conditions can viewed in full without being logged in to Adwords account.

Please note that -

  • Accepting the new terms does not change any of your bids, budgets, credit/invoicing terms, or other campaign settings. As always, you'll continue to control your settings in the Campaign tab of your account. 
  • The updated terms accommodate new advertising products and services. For example, we now offer third-party ad serving in some situations, so you'll see provisions about how we resolve ad serving disputes. 
  • You'll also see updated links to our policies, and better consistency among our advertising terms globally. 
  • Keep in mind that if you or your client decline the new terms, the ad serving will be paused.

Previous terms and conditions and more information about the update can be viewed in the Adwords Help Centre.

We recommend that all clients view the new policies to ensure they are happy to continue their Adwords service.