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Adwords Ad and Phone Number Policy

Katherine Anderson - Friday, July 05, 2013 | Comments (0)


Here is an example of what is now classed as acceptable Ad Content to avoid violation of the new Adwords Policy, that can result in Ad disapproval, domain disabling or account suspension.

Google new Adwords Policy includes this new Relevancy, Clarity and Accuracy clause plus a Phone Numbers Policy. The Policy has been created to ensure users see Ads that are more clear, accurate and relevant to the products and services you offer.

The policy includes the following points - 


  • Ads and keywords must be relevant to the content of the landing page with clear intent about the sale of your product, service or site content.
  • Products or Services within your ad must be present on your landing page.

Phone Numbers

  • Phone numbers and vanity numbers are no longer able to be used within ad text of in sitelink extensions except in the circumstance that a company name is a phone number like 1800-EXAMPLE.
  • Use Call Extensions to enable the use of your phone number within your ad campaign.


  • Do not simulate email inbox notifications.
  • No excessive spacing, spelling mistakes or missing lines of text.
  • Keyword Insertion can only be used if grammatically correct.
  • No use of 'click here', 'See this site' or 'click +1' regardless of ad content. 

If you have any further problems, visit Advertiser Claims or Advertising Policies Help for further information.